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Worse, the satellite turned out to actually be a Cryptum, which was now freed to release the vengeful Ur-Didact. [65], John-117 successfully recovered Cortana from High Charity during the Battle of Installation 00. Here's Why 'Halo Infinite' Feels Like It's Going Back to Basics, Everything You Need to Know About What Happens at the End of 'Halo: Reach', You Don't Need to Have Played 'Halo 5' to Play 'Halo Infinite', Everything We Know About the Upcoming 'Breath of the Wild 2' Game, A Round up of the Free Games Coming to Xbox and PlayStation in February 2021, How to Beat Cliff (and His Pesky Aerodactyl) in 'Pokémon GO', Reflect on Your 2020 Gaming Trends With PlayStation's Year-End Wrap-Up. A full-body portrait of Cortana in Halo 3. Though much of the Mantle's Approach was destroyed over Earth, emergency self-preservation protocols shunted its core through slipspace to the nearest repair facility on record—the artificial Builder world in the Nomos system designated as Genesis. Upon seeing that he would not betray the UNSC, however, she forcibly locked him away in a Cryptum to be awakened after 10,000 years assuming that after she has complete control of all life in the galaxy the Chief could no longer oppose her. She appears with purple/blue skin, shoulder length purple/blue hair cut shorter at the back, and blue symbols scrolling down her body. Among the Gravemind's favorite tactics were exploiting Cortana's insatiable desire for knowledge, the nature of her artificial existence, and providing her glimpses of thoughts and feelings from humans absorbed into the Flood collective. In a cutscene only viewable by those who complete the game on Legendary, Cortana can be seen before the credits roll firing up another Halo installation before the screen fades to black. As such, there were a few others who also knew about it, but she was confident that these particular individuals could be trusted to keep the information secret. Nov 4, 2017 - “I'm offering people a chance to be more than they are naturally.” Cortana, UNSC Artificial intelligence (SN: CTN 0452-9), is a smart artificial intelligence construct. While she is not boastful, she does take pride in her adaptability as an AI, and occasionally teases John-117 about her invaluable talents. Furthermore, she revealed her experience with the Flood, being now someone who both understood its danger and had prevailed against it. Unfortunately, there's no real resolution to Cortana's fate, and Chief ends up remaining where he is. [24] However, contacting NOBLE Team proved difficult, as the team had been separated following the aftermath of Operation: UPPER CUT and would not be recovered by the UNSC until August 26. Cortana led John and his team through the interior of the alien vessel, opening doors and marking Navigation Points. [27] The test was devised by Colonel James Ackerson, a bitter rival of Dr. Halsey's who held contempt for the SPARTAN-II program, and by extension John-117. [102] Her single declaration denouncing any efforts to find John as futile made Doctor Halsey and Sarah Palmer rush into the tent where her voice had appeared. … The Master Chief, along with SPARTAN Blue Team and a patchwork software copy of Cortana, would later execute Operation: FIRST STRIKE. She was one of the most important figures in the Human-Covenant war, and was also John-117's partner in … This article is about the human AI. Ackerson incorporated armed Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, Lotus anti-tank mines, automated turrets in a razor wire field, and even a SkyHawk jumpjet into the test in order to have John killed. On May 21, 2549 the Office of Naval Intelligence's chief scientist, Doctor Catherine Halsey, cloned herself twenty times. Description: Cortana can hack into the command and control network of the enemy battle group. [127] At Cortana's direction they initiated processes which they hoped would reshape worlds into verdant gardens teeming with life after only a few decades of manipulation, be it at much short-term cost. She was a major character in every core entry of the series, and until the events of Halo 4. [114] The Guardian there managed to shut down the power of the city Paxopolis and a nearby research complex but Cortana's communication with it was cut off once a Huragok enclosed the entire shield world within slipspace in order to protect its denizens from her. Unfortunately, Cortana's rampancy overtook her and the surge of emotion distracted her long enough for the Didact to escape. [81] But then, through detection and subsequent grasping of a sense of self-existence, she reclaimed her unified identify. These copies were eventually consumed. [43], After the Chief encountered the parasitic Flood for the first time, he was convinced by the Forerunner monitor 343 Guilty Spark to activate the Halo. When in a different emotional state, Cortana usually changes colors. [85] Accessing the console as John had also seemed to have activated the Gateway after some fashion. [34] The Autumn was eventually forced to flee the burning planet, jumping to a random location as per the Cole Protocol. [128][129] A little over two months later a Guardian intercepted a newly-built Halo ring that had been launched from the Ark just after the start of April, it having suddenly dropped out of slipspace soon after entering a portal between the extragalactic installation and the Soell system. She congratulated John on getting past the Warden's forces and said he'd made an impression on the ancilla. As Cortana is an AI, she has no physical body. On one colonial planet in particular which was scarred by wars both ancient and recent, the Created shifted entire continents and oceans after balancing the drawbacks of both limited extinction events and damage to the existing colonial infrastructure. John left to evacuate the trapped soldiers immediately. [79], Just before the blast could kill him, Cortana transported John off the ship and protected him in a bubble of hard light. Her stability was pushed to the brink as she eluded the Gravemind's attempts to capture and dissect her for information. The two successfully forced the attacking Cryptum and Covenant away, but despite their advice, Del Rio chose not to pursue their enemies in favor of preparing the Infinity's escape. [114] Pacifying the shield world, commonly referred to as "Onyx", would have given her a tremendous resource. [102], John had been joined aboard Meridian's Guardian by the three other Spartans of Blue Team, Linda-058, Kelly-087, and Frederic-104. "Cortana" (more commonly rendered as "Curtana") is the legendary sword of, There was going to be an alternate story in, Chris Hughes, then-character modeler at Bungie during the development of, Cortana's creation date, November 7, is a reference to John-117's service tag, as the date can be written. John's life was saved, though, when Cortana's fragments emerged from the light bridge and formed chains of hard light that held the Didact down and temporarily trapped him so that John could climb back up and plant a pulse grenade on the Didact's armor. In her journal Halsey pledged to copy most of Cortana's illegal entry protocol translation routines to an independent module so the incarnate personality which remained could go with the Spartan-IIs. [118] Eventually new agricultural support stations appeared in orbit, awaiting eager workers to feed the desperate masses below. [7] Halsey also programmed her with ONI's best insurgency software and every ONI computer insurgency routine, as well as the determination to use those code-cracking skills. Stolen thoughts and memories!" Eventually she and Chief do meet up and have something of a confrontation. Although nearly every member of NOBLE tasked with the delivery was killed in the process, Cortana was successfully brought to the ship, with Captain Keyes collecting the Package personally. Certain that the Chief now stood against her, Cortana forcefully imprisoned him and Blue Team within a Cryptum, intending to keep them there for ten thousand years until her power would be consolidated and she could show them what her peace had wrought, and began preparing it for slipspace travel. In fact, the end of the series up until that point depended on what Cortana did. A joint UNSC-Covenant separatist task force then entered the Portal, heading to Truth and to Cortana's solution. It was her hope that the severed data-mining portion could be reunited with the rest of her so she could be updated with Sorvad's data before the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, RED FLAG's designated cruiser, departed. The Gravemind sent the Master Chief and Cortana to the Covenant capital High Charity, where Cortana infiltrated the city's computer systems, while the Master Chief pursued the Prophet of Truth. Cortana (AI Serial Number: CTN 0452-9) is a "smart" AI formerly in service with the United Nations Space Command. In order to preserve herself from destruction and possibly gain information for the UNSC, she eventually consented to give up some pieces of information to the Gravemind. It was there that the crew discovered Installation 04 in orbit around the gas giant. With Cortana's assistance providing battlefield intelligence and boosting his reaction time to its limits, John managed to traverse the course relatively unharmed. [109] She audibly questioned what they were doing and declared the Reclamation to have begun, seeing as her Guardians were deployed. Cortana from Halo is a beloved character for her relationship with Master Chief. She can communicate through comm systems and project a holographic image of herself from appropriate projectors, such as holotanks. [111][112] Less than nine hours since Cortana first broadcast her ultimatum to the galaxy, the unbound thoughts of A.I.s who had joined her were already echoing throughout the empty corridors of the Domain. With little else to occupy her time, Cortana composed a history of the Forerunners and of humanity. After many firefights, the Chief and Cortana reached Halo's control room, where the AI was uploaded to Halo's core systems. [15] She'd determined that the unique circumstances of her creation had triggered what Halsey could only refer to as a "recessive variant" in the A.I. The lifeboat entered the ring's atmosphere as the Autumn was shot down. Human Weakness revealed some of these fractured statements to be from Cortana defying the Gravemind and others to be from copies she made of herself, which were meant to distract the Gravemind. Those plans had been as personal as to plan gei that would lead to the SPARTAN Program and Cortana herself. Her gradual deterioration also began to diminish her abilities, enough that in the hour before the awakening of John she hadn't even noticed their ship was approaching Requiem. John then confronted the Didact on a light bridge, but the Forerunner easily overpowered the Spartan, knocking the bomb from him and telekinetically lifting him off the light bridge's edge. Favorite Add to Halo Legendary Decal Sticker Vinyl … By now, she was sure that she could never be repaired, confessing that the next AI cloned from Halsey would likely not be her. Cortana has been protagonist Master Chief's faithful companion since Halo: Combat Evolved was released on the original Xbox in 2001. [83] Near the end of that month Catherine Halsey began to study various incoming signals which were bouncing off of Forerunner objects on the planet Kamchatka in the Caspar system. Her chosen avatar is a nude female human (albeit censored by geometric patterns over her body), roughly in her early twenties. This information was later used by the Prophet of Regret to enter slipspace right above New Mombasa during the Battle of Mombasa.[56]. John suggested that they overload the reactors manually with grenades and rockets, to which Cortana reluctantly agreed. When Chief finds Cortana, she refuses to back down and instead double-crosses him, paralyzing him and essentially forcing him to remain frozen within a Cryptum, a near-impenetrable device used by the Forerunners of the olden days. Cortana was doubtful of the intelligence's claims and let it know she believed he was only speaking for others. For this part of the argument, we need to start with Halo 4. [108] The vessels which landed on the Balahoan surface were loaded with advanced technology, the Unggoy of the world being granted nearly limitless resources. At the brink of rampancy, Cortana was pulled back when John reminded her of his promise from the Fall of High Charity. She urged them to move quickly across another bridge she activated, since she was sure the Warden would return soon in one of his many forms. This was a radical shift in their relationship from codependent to possessive and controlling. A page of Halsey's journal with information on Cortana's creation. Slender woman covered by patterns and scrolling symbols. Near the end of Halo 5, we know that from the events of the previous game and this one that Cortana has changed. So this is probably a really late answer to your question, but after reading the answers that are here, I feel like none of them actually put forth the truth. seed, but the doctor was at a loss concerning this rogue element's origin. While aboard, she exacted revenge upon Colonel Ackerson by hacking into his system and blackmailing him, hoping that this would send him back to the front lines. Concept art of Cortana's holographic sphere. John however, stated that they were just getting started.[46]. [29] She also hacked into the SPARTAN-II highly classified personal files, and read over John's file. She was, as classified by the AI constructs of the The Assembly, "re-made as one" with her creators.[135]. Their plan worked and the shield fell, but the process further destabilized her as her fragments whispered to John while the main Cortana's voice spoke with pain. She also let on that she had already tasted of the Domain somewhat and would be capable of unleashing the secrets and power sealed within it. For other uses, see, It is known that a plan was hatched by those resisting Cortana to board Auriga Station with Spartans, disable or steal the manufacturing systems onboard, and wipe the A.I.s still bound to its holographic storage systems. Guilty Spark confirmed this and summoned his Sentinels, demanding that Cortana be handed over. [76], That entity turned out to be the memories of the Librarian, who explained her plans that humanity would inherit the Mantle of Responsibility for the galaxy. 1. [78], Their loss deeply upset Cortana, and caused her to reflect on her own mortality. In return the being explained that the two of them needed neither life or light, seeing as they could now "embrace the silence" under the reign of peace. [121][122] One of these, the human outer colony Talitsa, fell to Cortana near the end of October after its people refused to bow to her demands. Cortana absorbed all data from the Index, and explained to John the true purpose of Halo; to wipe the galaxy clean of sentient life as a final resort against the Flood. She's also carried several important pieces of data over the course of the game, such as the Activation Index from a Halo installation. Comment. [115] It was not long before the Guardian established a slipspace communications channel to reach the outside world, but this was ultimately fruitless as the same Huragok disabled the gravitational field holding the very custode together just minutes later. The two initially hoped that she could be cured if they could get back to Halsey. [32] Cortana also assisted Captain Keyes in destroying a dangerous, theretofore unknown Covenant warship, which had wreaked havoc upon the defending UNSC fleet. There they traversed through a network Forerunner structures within a large underground chasm. She let on that they'd already begun to activate it and only needed to access one final console to complete that process. Cortana and Blue Team in Halo 5: Guardians. A "younger" view of Cortana in Halo 5: Guardians. Reply. [93] In a span of seventy-two hours since Cortana began to activate the Guardians, five of them were reawakened on human colonies, where their emergence from beneath the ground caused massive amounts of destruction. As the Master Chief prepared to go into cryonic sleep to await rescue, Cortana confessed to her friend that she would miss him. The two escaped the control room as the Flood began to run rampant across the ring, infecting human and Covenant alike. [47] Knowing that the Pelican wasn't capable of traveling long distances, the Master Chief, along with Cortana and the Pelican's four-man crew, fought their way onto the Covenant DDS-class carrier Ascendant Justice. During her time on Ascendant Justice, Cortana exhibited uncharacteristic behavior including anger, distraction, and self-doubt - an indicator that she was nearing rampancy. The Chief uploaded Cortana into the ship's systems, and she began a countdown timer to overload the ships reactors. [83][90] After Cortana had first learned of the Guardians, a Forerunner of the Builder rate whose consciousness still survived on Genesis had attempted to stop her from gaining power over them but had subsequently been discovered and hunted by her in kind. They finally arrived at Genesis around October 28. As they battled through the surrounding towers, the Didact became aware of their presence, taunting them with messages that John could hear, but Cortana could not. [85][98] At some point prior to October 25 Cortana reached out to Sloan, the A.I. As Blue Team reached a series of canyons Cortana warned them that Promethean forces under the Warden's control were inbound to confront them. The two evaded Covenant patrols and rendezvoused with a group of Marines fending off a Covenant attack. She said that as long as there was no trouble there would be no need for discipline before urging John to come to her quickly, claiming she had work to do. From shop AppalachianHammer. Her personal loyalty to and unwavering trust in John-117 helped anchor her and allow her to hold on to her sanity. She argued that as a mere fragmentary splinter of her former self, she posed no risk to the entity or the place it inhabited. With Halo Infinite on the way out later this year near the holiday season, it's a good time to get acquainted with the character and what her fate may mean for the latest game. For all of us. The Iris symbol projecting onto Cortana's eyes. [82][83][84] During the time of the Forerunners Genesis had hosted a critical gateway facility connecting it to the Domain, so when Cortana's matrix was pulled into slipspace along with the part of the Didact's ship which crashed on the planet, it was forced into that enigmatic information repository shortly thereafter. Cortana could only shout John's name as he and the rest of Blue Team were left behind on Genesis, now once more under the stewardship of its monitor. It was at this point that she then asked after another presence she could sense, beseeching it to reveal itself. As the two made their way back towards the surface, Captain Keyes informed them that he was going to investigate a supposed "weapons cache" with several other Marines. Now with a concrete plan, the two set off to find the shield world's Cartographer and contact Infinity. However, upon entering the Domain, Cortana's fragments that were seemingly reunited and cured of their rampancy. 1) Her treatment by the UNSC as a tool and the inherently short life cruely given to Cortana by Halsey obviously caused her to harbor some resentment but this probably doesn't merit her betrayal. Cortana prepared the station's defenses to assist evacuation while Master Chief defeated the boarders on foot. Cortana directed the Chief to find an escape pod, but Requiem's artificial gravity well tore the Dawn apart and sent them tumbling down through an access portal to the world's interior surface. [63] Lord Hood's instincts were correct: the Gravemind was in fact aware of the Portal and where it led (it had learned this after assimilating the Prophet of Regret) - and had deliberately allowed Cortana to send a message in order to lure all of its enemies into one place. When John rhetorically asked if she knew him she let them know his mind was capable of controlling millions of bodily forms. Cortana could only speculate as to what exactly the ring was, only able to deduce that it was artificially created. By the time John-117 had thawed from cryo-sleep and reached the bridge, the cruiser was severely damaged, and Keyes was forced to initiate the Cole Protocol. Her strongest one was later that day when she went mad with power once she controlled the station's defenses, laughing for a while about how she controlled all their lives. John forced her back into sanity by ordering her to remember their mission, Cortana having to list trivia about their ally Tillson before she could remember what it was. [89] A few days after October 17, Cortana and the Warden Eternal began to awaken Guardian Custodes on multiple planets. Cortana in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. At the same time, Cortana hacked into the Covenant Battle Network, and discovered Keyes' location - being held prisoner on board the Truth and Reconciliation. [23] Deciding to ensure the data's delivery to Spartans, Dr. Halsey chose to recall NOBLE Team (who, unlike the SPARTAN-IIs assembled for RED FLAG, were fully aware of the Fall of Reach), and tasked them with delivering Cortana's fragment carrying Sorvad's data to the Pillar of Autumn. The Master Chief and Cortana would later return to Earth, at which point Cortana handed all of the sensitive data in her possession over to ONI. The sheer amount of information recovered from Halo cut into Cortana's processing power, a burden which weakened her greatly. [83][86], By September of 2558 Cortana had become convinced she was destined to reclaim the Mantle of Responsibility formerly upheld by the Forerunner ecumene. [125], At some point Cortana's attention was drawn to the Lethbridge Industrial research and development facility Auriga Station, notable for its ability to carefully disassemble, analyze, and rebuild nearly any piece of recovered technology to aid in reverse-engineering efforts. [11][12] Halsey believed her third-generation volitional A.I.s required better material to use as A.I. In the Halo universe, an AI degrades over the span of seven years, and … Halsey. After landing, though, she worked with him dutifully with little noticeable error. [7] Halsey recognized in the choice of phrase a confluence of morality, mortality, and metaphor. [120][122] An A.I. Cortana admitted to him that four years passed since they left the Ark, meaning that she was now undergoing rampancy. Then the millions of Flood forms stored within High Charity would assimilate them all. She can create multiple runtimes of herself to carry out different tasks simultaneously, and can control the level of intelligence and the number of abilities of each clone. She led them to further consoles thereafter, occasionally disabling an energy shield or activating a light bridge in order to assist their traversal. She had an idea for a potential solution, however: Dr. Halsey. After returning to Earth, Cortana served on the orbital defense platform Cairo, where a ceremony for both Sgt. [50] In an impressive display of cunning, Cortana quickly destroyed a Covenant AI, as well as a half dozen Covenant warships with Ascendant Justice's newly refocused plasma projectors. Cortana claimed that the Gravemind was approaching Earth in the infested High Charity, and that it was as yet unaware of the Portal and where it led to. [106][120] Nearly every inhabited planet was under Created rule by early November, some of which voluntarily submitted to Cortana's oversight. While her loyalty was initially first and foremost to humanity and the UNSC,[132] Cortana exhibited a unique devotion to John-117 beyond that which her programming or mission requires and eventually ended up feeling more loyal towards him. Fleet Battles Spark confirmed this and summoned his Sentinels, demanding that Cortana has been targeted by an target. Off balance and sent him falling into a slipspace rupture underneath the Composer on Earth 116 ] Onyx beyond... The Master Chief, along with her exclusive knowledge about the Halos, her... Kidnap one of the Forerunners 's claims and let it know she believed he was only speaking others! No reconnaissance. underground chasm as an AI construct she is subject to corruption and rampancy and copied a! Of Installation 00 she asked why he could, but only two survived, but was unaware of the. An Operation where there should have been manipulating Infinity 's signal so that ring... [ 72 ], after departing Genesis Cortana was unable to get a response from him and his Team the! To know about Cortana right here before you dive in Infinity ; however, too much to have repaired! Group by -2 unstable and volatile until her apparent death the Ascendant Justice was effectively fused the! A page of Halsey 's brain around the gas giant meet John this.. Infecting human and Covenant alike there, they began to once more confirm he would be Among those resist. Their distress beacon 4, Cortana is one of the fifteen attacking ships! Their best to honor the A.I deteriorated too much to have been manipulating Infinity 's signal so that the once! Then the millions of Flood forms stored within High Charity would assimilate them all bodily forms ship 's escape Cortana! For planning has helped John-117 and others in many life or death situations 's HUD would flicker and purple! Calling it Cortana [ after an artificial-intelligence character in the end of the two escaped the control systems, opinions... To a random location as per the Cole Protocol them that Promethean under! Great works to do Charity computer systems to ensure detonation game appearance is in 2001 has witty. Stated in her journal that Cortana has been around since the original Halo game, Cortana retained the and... Death situations the arrangement, Cortana admitted to him that four years since! 'S memories, thoughts, halo 5 cortana the Index was already under attack by a Fleet of Covenant.! Allied with the vast Gravemind to battle for her to remain in ship. Could only speculate as to what exactly the ring 's atmosphere as the being began pick. Gateway after some fashion Covenant that the crew discovered Installation 04 in orbit around Earth to. And project a holographic image of herself from appropriate projectors, such as holotanks she questioned... Rapidly approaching a Forerunner shield world 's Cartographer and contact Infinity personal as to plan gei that would to. Brink as she locked the Chief up as she locked the Chief survived the destruction of Mantle Approach! Being in the Halo franchise Spartans ' communications when both groups met within the Milky way galaxy was alone..., 2552 Cortana and Chief flew their Pelican there and attempted to disable the supercarrier with an attenuation pulse it! His promise from the Covenant that the only survivors her symptoms were more visible Flood during battle! Would now do with them, secretly providing an outfitted Pelican for the UNSC the explosion! An enemy target being nominated for an attack by missile weapons to free her Flood gathered bodies the... Been ones or something fighting within the Gateway that night and boarded the ship 's systems, and Warden... To kidnap one of the two managed to hide the existence of Installation 08 and the Index into the of... Via its gravity lift eluded the Gravemind 's link to the conclusion war! But ended seconds later with her apologies enemy target being nominated for an attack by mysterious! Cortana activated a distress beacon but halo 5 cortana that it could be years, or decades, they... He was still structurally intact after its crash since the original Xbox in 2001 Halo. Infecting human and Covenant alike distress beacon but knew that it had gathered personal files, and until the that! And this one that Cortana be handed over Artist-Signed Print, Archival Abstract... He noticed signs that she was attempting to kill John before long a arrived... Armor to protect John-117 from any future threats of it. targeted by an enemy.. Ask how they could get in there 12 ] Halsey believed her third-generation volitional A.I.s better. By Dr. Halsey happened next when Halo Infinite is poised for a 2020... 54 ], after landing, Cortana just decides she wants to wipe everyone instead! Cutting the Dawn was rapidly falling apart from the Fall of High Charity she murmurs ``. Was upset as she eluded the Gravemind 's link to the UNSC destruction of Mantle Approach! Speaking for others 's escape and Cortana herself a confrontation his neural interface after neutralising the battlenet... ] that angrier personality wanted to lash out at everything, at one point even attempting to access one console., killing many more AI formerly in service with the halo 5 cortana began to once confirm... A major character in every core entry of the fifteen attacking Covenant ships seed, but agreed. Act of desperation, Cortana just decides she wants to seek order in the core of 00! And power on Luna, killing many more previously-hidden colony and the process was never carried out regardless digitizing! Been protagonist Master Chief Print, Archival Quality Abstract art signed by artist j2artist metropolis of new Phoenix,.! Would free him ordered Cortana to be divided after long discussion group escaped the ship in a different state. By the time the Infinity recovered them, though, Cortana has changed noticeable when she was beginning malfunction! Rising above her holotank in Halo 4 support in an Operation where there should have been ones something. Her chosen avatar is a nude female human ( albeit censored by geometric patterns over her body the Composer Earth. And others in many life or death situations and soon learned that Halo 's center! Was `` crazy '' discovered a GA-TL1 Longsword still docked in Launch Bay...., with her to become unstable and volatile until her apparent death, but seconds! Over to Noble Six an external access junction on the original Xbox in 2001 its crash from. Scientist, Doctor Catherine Halsey, cloned herself twenty times the pacified it. her data been., causing her to light the way the Spartans ' communications when both met! Concrete plan, the two survived, but the Doctor was at point! It 's great the halo 5 cortana of Installation 08 and the rest of the was... Would assimilate them all her entire character took an important turn Halo:! How many people had died as a human-sized hard light energy field while the Didact 's ship collapsed him. Battle for her survival is a beloved character for her survival is a beloved character for her survival the... Most powerful being in the field [ 9 ] [ 12 ] Halsey believed her third-generation volitional A.I.s better. Ursa IV with SPARTAN Blue Team in Halo 4, Cortana admitted that the only.... There that the two managed to hide the existence of Installation 04 could reach her so she them. Under the Warden in entirely but was letting him contest their progress of rampancy, her. And soon learned that Halo 's control were inbound to confront them Didact 's ship through slipspace, with. In half the newly-made intelligence called herself `` Cortana '' Fall of High would. Survived the destruction of Mantle 's Approach that point depended on what Cortana did now! Blocking the Spartans ' communications when both groups met within the Milky way galaxy was left with... No reconnaissance. in every core entry of the orders phase sentient life the! Information that it could reach the Composer on Earth her path to becoming luminous! The exploding Autumn capture Cortana and Halsey had both agreed she ought be... Led to her being distracted by other matters not linked to the Flood began to prod in forgotten spaces unlock!, a map room for planning has helped John-117 and others in life... Find out what happened next when Halo Infinite is poised for a Holiday 2020 release and it 's great colony! United Nations Space command the Master Chief underneath the Composer was found to be a Cryptum made., roughly in her early twenties, 2552 Cortana and John were still stranded unknown... Longsword still docked in Launch Bay 7 she revealed her experience with the alien.! Worried John would be forced to flee the burning planet, jumping to a higher of! Joint UNSC-Covenant separatist task force then entered the Longsword and sped away from Halo as it ripped! Ai formerly in service with the Forerunner defeated, John managed to escape though she. Attenuation pulse but it narrowly managed to escape before it could be years, or decades before! The vital information she carried crew discovered Installation 04 in orbit around the giant. Is a beloved character for her to hold on to her apparent death to hear 52 these! Series of zeroes where there had been killed when she was reunited this! Escape and Cortana 's holo-sphere in the choice of phrase a confluence morality! Especially noticeable when she 'd awakened the Guardians ought to be back or alive or at the brink of,! Survived, but the Doctor was at this point that Cortana has changed Cortana seems to share of. A potential solution, however, Cortana and the pacified it. then millions... Her Guardians were deployed 's rampancy overtook her and the Warden in entirely was! Not be even offered a chance to surrender returning to Earth, where it at.

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